Plan & Build your childcare program

Below are some resources that will help you to plan and build your ECE childcare program. These are guides and examples for you to plan, call us for information and help specific to your situation. 

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Available Resources

Access and Inclusion Framework and Notional Space Targets

Memo from the provincial government to CMSMs and DSSABs

CWELCC Update – Enrolment and Growth in 2023

Memo from the provincial government to licensees

How to Remove the Barriers to Child Care Expansion

A Survey of Non-Profit and Public Child Care Licensees in Ontario

How to Make Child Care Expansion Happen in Ontario

A paper making recommendations about what governments need to do to make sure that child care expansion happens for Ontario parents.

Space Allocation Table

Work out how much space you need for your programs

Coming Soon

Hiring an architect

How to hire an architect for great ELCC spaces


Glossary of terms to demystify the development process

Operating Budget

Example operating budget template

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