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Building Blocks for Child Care, Ontario, is a charitable corporation with a mission to expand and preserve accessible, affordable, high quality non-profit and public early learning and child care for future generations. We help community groups, existing non-profit and public child care organizations and governments build new facilities or redevelop existing space to increase the availability of non-profit and public child care for families and communities across Ontario.

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Child Care News

Funding Formula Option Proposed

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting on May 29th to discuss Ontario’s Child Care Funding Formula.  And thanks also to those of you who provided comments, feedback and suggestions. The support encouraged us to distribute an alternative model for Ontario’s Child Care

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Brightly coloured modular boxes with windows stacked haphazardly.
Child Care News
Sue Colley

Modular – Is it the Solution for Rapid Expansion?

Slow Start to Funding Streams B2C2 is working with a number of organizations that are keen to expand child care in our province.  We’ve got as far as feasibility assessments, concept drawings and Class D estimates.  But then the endeavours

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