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B2C2 Expansion Toolkit

Child Care Expansion Toolkit

The B2C2 Child Care Expansion Toolkit is designed to give you the knowledge to plan an expansion project and the tools to create that plan for your board of directors, community stakeholders, parents, and, of course, a plan to best serve the children in your care.

The Toolkit is broken down into modules that roughly correspond with various phases of an expansion project. With each module are videos and text that explain how to tackle that part of an expansion project, and worksheets, templates and other tools for you to build a plan for expansion. 

If you follow each module and use all of the tools and resources, at the end of the toolkit you will have a detailed plan for your expansion project

This module includes how to prepare your board of directors, how to initiate and guide strategic planning, assess risk, communicate with stakeholders, and talk with local service system managers.

Writing a business plan is essential for external stakeholders, funders, and financial help. It is a detailed and specific proposal for how you will carry out the tasks in your strategic plan. 

In this section, are the steps necessary to begin the next stage of your project:  finding an ideal location, selecting a proficient architect, and delegating the roles and responsibilities of the project team. 

The challenges of the building phase of a project and includes dealing with building permits, the tender process, and how each specialised trade and profession works together in a project team to build the project.

This module outlines the requirements for licensing and the collection and preparation of documents for the Ministry of Education.

This is the final phase of any expansion project and includes procuring equipment and materials, inspections, deliveries onboarding of staff and more.

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