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Muskoka District is Adding 10 New Child Care Spaces, Another 39 Coming reports that The District of Muskoka has increased its child-care capacity by adding 10 new full-time spaces through partnerships with two new providers in Utterson and Port Carling. Heather Elliott, the Director of Human Services for the district, highlights the pressing need for child care in Muskoka, with only 28% of children under five having access to licensed child-care spaces. Recognizing the crucial role of child care in supporting families and driving economic recovery, Elliott stresses the importance of expanding licensed spaces. The district aims to create a total of 373 new licensed spaces by 2026, with recent expansions showing significant progress, including 88 new spaces added in the last quarter of 2023. Elliott emphasizes a combination of center-based spaces and home providers in the expansion efforts and outlines the process for becoming a licensed home child-care provider, highlighting the support available to potential providers. She underscores the district’s commitment to maintaining high standards to ensure the health, safety, and quality of care for children in licensed child-care settings.

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