The Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario

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Like the Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Child Care Now Roadmaps, the Ontario roadmap is also a presentation of policy ideas to put into effect a successful early learning and child care strategy in Ontario.

The Ontario Roadmap is co-sponsored and co-authored by the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario.

The Ontario Roadmap focuses on the Three Big Ideas

  • Affordable fees for families
  • Decent work and pay for educators
  • Enough quality public and non-profit spaces for all. 

It goes on to develop complementary strategies:

  • Affordability Strategy
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Expansion Strategy

The overall perspective is based on the ten elements guiding pan-Canadian system-building:

  • Public management of ELCC provision
  • Direct and sufficient public funding of ELCC operational budgets
  • Public funding with conditions
  • Publicly funded and managed expansion
  • Expansion plans and strategies
  • No expansion of for-profit ELCC
  • Workforce strategies
  • Data and research
  • Public accountability
  • Democratic participation.

The Roadmap to Universal Child Care in Ontario can be downloaded from the OCBCC website.