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Provincial and Territorial Overview of Early Learning and Child Care Agreements 2021-2026

So far, eight provinces and one territory have signed federal-provincial Early Learning and Child Care Agreements.  Notably absent are Ontario, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

People for Education is an independent, non-partisan organization staunchly supportive of public education.  This organization works to create evidence, instigate dialogue and build links to enable people to make connections between public education and a fair and prosperous society.  Demonstrating their commitment to this mandate, they have prepared a chart showing the essential ingredients of each of the signed federal-provincial-territorial ELCC agreements. People for Education has granted us permission to reproduce this chart here.

It shows that:

  • All of them are committed to getting to an average fee of $10/day by 2026
  • Most will be introducing a 50% fee reduction by 2022
  • All have committed to introducing wage grids for early childhood educators
  • Most are in support of providing ongoing professional development and study opportunities
  • NS, PE, NL and YT have agreed to increase qualified staff by 15% 
  • Four have agreed to work in collaboration with Indigenous organizations
  • All have agreed to improve access to vulnerable children from diverse populations 
  • BC, NS, PE and YT have agreed to regular data collection

Interesting that the chart makes no mention of the commitment to expansion only in the non-profit or public sectors.  So far, they’ve all agreed to limit expansion to the non-profit or public sectors.  

STAY TUNED for Ontario, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories and Nunavut!

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