Workshop #6

Finding Funding

We know that $90/square foot ($350,000 per centre maximum) is not enough to cover the capital costs of a new centre – or even a major renovation or retrofit.  The Ministry of Education admits that the funding available is not a capital grant program but an “offset grant”.  This workshop will explore realistic ideas for financing and leveraging funding already out there.  The speakers will consider funding streams such as: Infrastructure Ontario, local community funds, and angel investors. We’ll also look at possibilities and opportunities such as: working with an existing Land Trust, and coordinating child care with planned developments such as housing and/or long-term care. The speakers will also address why non-profit centres are unlikely to get a loan from one of the large, established banks.

All workshops will be recorded and may be posted on the web in whole or in part. 

Friday, June 9, 2023 - 2:00pm EST

Workshops are FREE

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