Workshop Series about Child Care Expansion

Building Blocks for Child Care (b2c2) is excited to announce our upcoming workshop series on practical tips and information for expanding your Ontario child care centre. 

This is a great chance to ask experienced industry leaders questions on expanding your centre. These webinars will provide attendees with hands-on, practical information on specific topics in child care expansion, including choosing a location for your building, recruiting staff and more. 

Each webinar will be led by an expert in the topic. These workshops are designed for a smaller audience to ask questions and participate in discussion. 

The workshop series will take place weekly starting on May 9, 2023 and will be hosted on Zoom. Dates and times for each workshop will be updated in the days to come. 

Here is the list of workshop topics:

  1. Expansion Project Feasibility
    What makes an expansion project feasible: number of children, location, space, budget, and workforce.
  2. Choosing a location
    Considering your options for building, renovating, or leasing and the impact of budgeting and zoning on your decisions.
  3. Getting and keeping staff
    Exploring workforce strategies for the recruitment and retention of staff.
  4. Choosing An Architect
    Thinking about design and construction for your child care centre, how to choose an architect.
  5. Submitting the proposal
    Unpacking the Ministry of Education guidelines and preparing the proposal package.
  6. Finding Financing
    Ideas for creative financing, writing a budget to attract financing, approaching the business plan.

Please distribute information about these workshops throughout your networks!