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Webinar: First Steps in Expansion

Announcing our second webinar: First Steps in Expansion. 

Date: April 20, 2023

Time: 2:30pm

Cost: FREE!

Looking to expand your Ontario child care centre and don’t know where to start? Here’s a chance to ask seasoned non-profit child care leaders your questions. Sign up for our upcoming webinar: First Steps in Expansion with guests Kim Hiscott, Sheila Olan-Maclean, and Michele Lupa.

Kim is the executive director of Andrew Fleck Children’s Services, a multi-service/multi-site not-for-profit agency, and has had several opportunities throughout her career to establish not-for-profit early learning and child care agencies and sites, including new construction projects and renovations of existing spaces. 

Sheila is a value-based leader with over 40 years’ experience in the early learning and child care field. Drawing from her various roles as educator, resource teacher, executive director and presently CEO of Compass Early Learning and Care, she believes in authentic co-leadership practices that prepares a space where every human can be their best selves.

Michele Lupa is the Executive Director of the Canadian Mothercraft Society, a non-profit charity based in Toronto that delivers a range of programs and services to families with young children as well as post-secondary education and training to the professionals who work with them.  Mothercraft operates five licensed child care centres across the city including two new centres that were opened during the pandemic.  Michele has almost 20 years experience in in the child care and early years sectors and more than 25 years experience in the community services sector as a front-line service provider, manager and executive.

Our speakers will discuss best practices for expansion and answer audience questions about the first steps towards expanding. Have a question for them? Submit your questions via our online form.

Explore financing options including grants, loans, and other fundraising methods. Ask them to suggest strategies to get a board of directors to a project. Learn how to build a project team that includes individuals with a diverse set of skills and expertise. This question and answer format webinar will have useful and practical information for non-profits across Ontario who are navigating the CWELCC expansion process.

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