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Growing Demand Outpaces Child Care Spaces in Waterloo Region, Increasing Waitlists

According to an article on the CBC website, a report presented to the community and health services committee of Waterloo Region’s regional council highlighted the pressing need to expand child-care services in the area. With a 115% increase in demand for child care since 2022 and over 9,200 children currently on the waitlist, the region is facing a significant shortage of available spaces. Child care currently accommodates just over 30% of area children up to four years old.

To address this, councillors have voted in favour of exploring opportunities to create more community-based non-profit child-care spaces, including utilizing regionally owned buildings and housing redevelopments. Challenges such as the lack of affordable land and suitable space have been identified as significant barriers to expanding high-quality child care.

The report emphasizes the importance of collaboration with various stakeholders, including municipalities, school boards, universities, hospitals, and businesses, to explore opportunities for child care growth and meet targets set under CWELCC. Further updates on land/space opportunities and the application process are expected later in 2024.

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