Photo of the houses of parliament in Ottawa on a sunny day with snow on the ground.

Bill C-35 – not everything we want but a step forward

Families Minister, Karina Gould, today introduced child care legislation – Bill C- 35. The legislation is intended to entrench the federal role in child care across Canada and reinforce the opportunities of the new national daycare system.

The legislation confirms the guiding principles and goals laid out in the CWELCC agreement including a “focus on public and non-profit” child care. It declares its intention to continue long term funding and it makes early learning and child care a central Canadian Government program that will be ongoing in the future. It maintains the funding commitments announced with the CWELCC. It announces the creation of a National Advisory Council on Early Learning and Child Care.

In sum, the drafters were receptive to the many voices that commented on the draft legislation and its existence will probably make it a little harder to get rid of the program.

In addition, it confirms that it will honour the jurisdictions of Indigenous nations and peoples, as well as that of provinces and territories. It does not impose any conditions on the provinces and territories, nor does it require any additional reporting.

You can read a backgrounder on the bill  or read the bill itself.

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