Workshop #2

Choosing a location

This workshop will concentrate on considering your options for building, renovating, or leasing and the impact of budgeting and zoning on your decisions.  

The Ministry of Education has said that all new spaces must be located in priority neighbourhoods.  Michele will discuss finding those key spaces and negotiating access to spaces. She will also touch on how municipal bylaws will affect different locations and types of spaces. Finally, Michele will examine costs – the viability of lease costs, the many inclusions that must be considered in lease costs including contingencies for major repairs in your cost calculations.


Watch the workshop

Friday, May 12, 2023 - 2:00pm EST

A portrait photo of Michele Lupa

Michele Lupa

Executive Director

Michele Lupa is the Executive Director of the Canadian Mothercraft Society, a non-profit charity based in Toronto that delivers a range of programs and services to families with young children as well as post-secondary education and training to the professionals who work with them.  Mothercraft operates five licensed child care centres across the city including two new centres that were opened during the pandemic.  Michele has almost 20 years experience in in the child care and early years sectors and more than 25 years experience in the community services sector as a front-line service provider, manager and executive.

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