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B2C2 Expansion Toolkit

Module 1 - Part 4 - Assessing Risk

Watch the video to see why you need a risk assessment and how to use a risk matrix to create one. 


Any kind of expansion project will have a degree of risk, it will be about analysing and determining what level of risk your board is willing to take on. Once identified you can work together to develop mitigation strategies. 

Collaboratively identifying risks through a risk assessment is one strategy for ensuring that all Board members have the opportunity to voice their concerns. Risk analysis will be an integral and ongoing part of the expansion project that should be added to as the project progresses. 

You can view the activity section below to learn more about how to complete a risk assessment.


As a part of the Toolkit, you will be working on exercises, writing, figuring and in the end creating a plan for your expansion project. 

Throughout the module, in the sections called “Activities”, we will have worksheets, exercises and activities to help you create that plan. 


Group of People Discussing

Activity 1: Risk Assessment

Determine possible risks in your expansion project

Part 4 - Assessing Risk

Module 1 Progress
Amount Completed 80%

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